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 Exporter & Manufacturer of Honor Cords, Tassels, Tiebacks, Fringes, Cords, Gown, Gift Bags, Ribbon Tiebacks etc.

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Honor Cods
Honor Cords

52 inch long soft Honor Cord  with
4" Tassels on both ends (Rayon & Cotton )
Diameter of cord-3/8 inch (8-9 mm)
Wholesale : $1.29

Graduation Tassels
Graduation Tassels

8 inch Chainette Rayon Graduation Tassel
with 6" Loop
 (Material : Chainette Rayon )
Wholesale : $0.79

Chainette Rayon Tassels

6 inch French Braided Tassels
with 4 inch Loop
 (Color : Black)
Wholesale : $1.29

Curtain Tiebacks
Curtain Tiebacks

28 inch curtain Tiebacks with Beads
(Rayon & Acrylics )
(Color : White)
Wholesale : $3.99

Curtain Tiebacks

28 inch spread, with 8 inch Tassels
Tiebacks with Beads (Polyester & Acrylics )
(Color : Cream)
Wholesale : $5.99



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